Zap Attack! NOW LIVE

Hey there, Earthlings! Buckle up for a wild ride of intergalactic fun with this cosmic 5×5 video slot that’s about to kidnap your boredom! Get ready to dive into some mind-boggling features that will zap you with excitement. We’re talking about Expanding Multiplier Wilds cranked all the way up to x5, and a thrilling Bonus Invasion that offers a galaxy of Free Spins and symbols that can get a makeover from some mischievous aliens, transforming into high-paying symbols in the process. 

Once you step into this cosmic playground, you’ll be sucked into an interstellar escapade that’ll have you saying, “Take me to your leader!” 

So, slip into those spacesuits, grab your trusty ray guns, and prepare for an alien invasion like no other! Zap Attack! is here to take you on a journey that’ll have you giggling, cheering, and spinning those reels with an otherworldly excitement. Get ready to defy gravity and have a blast that’s so out-of-this-world, be on the lookout for UFOs in your backyard!