New Partnership with Relum!

Step right up, dear readers, because Thunderkick has some electrifying news to share! We’re thrilled to announce our latest venture into the gaming world with none other than Relum, the cream of the crop when it comes to aggregators.

Picture this: a match made in gaming heaven. With this partnership, Relum’s esteemed operators now have the golden ticket to Thunderkick’s treasure trove of games, featuring gems like 12 Bolts of Thunder and the recently released Beat the Beast: Dragon’s Wrath. Yes, you heard it right – the dragon is about to be unleashed, folks!

Thunderkick is spreading its wings (or should we say bolts?) across Europe and beyond, making waves in all the right places.

Now, let’s talk about Relum for a moment. Part of the illustrious Digitain family since 1999, these guys know their stuff. With a portfolio bursting at the seams with top-notch online casino and award winning GLI certified gaming products, plus a bag of tricks including customisable APIs and integrated marketing tools, they’re the real deal.

And this partnership? It’s not just a feather in our cap – it’s a whole flamingo! Thunderkick has been on a wild ride of growth and expansion over the past year, and teaming up with the likes of Betway and Skywind Group is just the cherry on top of our thunderous success.

So, buckle up, folks. With Thunderkick and Relum joining forces, the gaming world better hold onto its hats – things are about to get seriously electric! 🎰⚡