Logo usage

Here are some important guidelines for using the Thunderkick logo. For any questions, please contact: marketing@www.thunderkick.com



Main logo. Should be used in most situations. Available in white or black.


On rare occations when the name in the main logo gets too small compared to other company logos in lists for example, the horizontal logo could be used instead to make sure our name is properly visible.

Horizontal logo available in white or black.


small logo

For small sizes/containers

In very small sizes for print or screen there is a special logo that should be used to make sure our name is more readable.

Main logo should use small versions in sizes from:
Print: 27mm – 15mm height
Screen: 80px – 42px height

Horizontal logo should use small version in sizes from:
Print: 5mm – 3mm height
Screen: 20px – 15 px height



Make our logo stand out

Use empty space around the logo to make it stand out. Don’t put information too close to the logo as it will get lost in the visual information. 

This is how you calculate proper margins. These margins are the minimum amount of empty space required.




Don’t rotate the logo

Don’t squeeze logo in any direction

Don’t change details within the logo

Don’t write our name in another font

Don’t use weak/delicate contrast

Don’t mix different colors within the logo

Don’t use bevels or decorations

Don’t use drop shadows

Don’t use glow or outlines.