Game Product Owner

We love creating games, what an obvious statement! We also love when others enjoy playing our games, which is why we spend a lot of time trying them out, discussing and refining them.

We are on the lookout for a Game Product Owner who shares our passion for game design! As a Game Product Owner, you will lead and push great ideas to completion, playing the games regularly to constantly iterate on their flow. You will be free to shape the games the way you see they need to be, all the way through the process, and finally be able to add that feature you’ve always wanted 🙂 We expect you to really have an eye for details and a big thirst and drive to better understand what the players want.

What you will be doing

  • Create new mechanics.
  • Refine concepts shared over lunch
  • Pinpoint small changes which could heighten gameplay experience.
  • Provide unique insight into players behavior and how to give the most engaging experience.

Who you are

  • A player experience driven slot maniac.
  • A true motivator and comfortable with constructively challenging our teams.
  • Solution-oriented with an everything is possible mindset.
  • Someone who gets random slot ideas in the shower.


  • Strong understanding of slot games and what elements make them enjoyable.
  • A certain amount of math in your skillset.
  • History within the casino industry.
  • Have been involved in the production process of several game projects.
  • Experience of leading a team.
  • Split vision. You can work with several projects at the same time.

Are you our next Game Product Owner?